Nikomex 2 ml No.10 – Nikopharm

Nikomex 2 ml No.10

NIKOMEX 2 ml No.10

Solution for injection 50 mg/ml 2 ml in ampoules No.10

1 ml of the solution contains 50 mg of ethylmethylhydroxypyridine succinate

Free-radical process inhibitor which increases resistance of the organism to disturbing factors and oxygen-related pathological conditions

Marketing Authorization No. UA/15072/01/01


Active ingredient: ethylmethyl hydroxypyridine succinate;

1 ml of the solution contains 50 mg of ethylmethyl hydroxypyridine succinate;

Excipients: sodium metabisulfite (Е 223),water for injections.

Pharmaceutical form.

Solution for injection.

Pharmacotherapeutical group.

Medicines that have effect on nervous system. АТС Code N07X X.


Materials on the medicine

No materials available.

Calculation of dose

Режим дозирования гемаксама индивидуальный, зависит от клинической картины. Вводить внутривенно – капельно, струйно.

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