Pharmacovigilance – Nikopharm


In order to inform about adverse reactions or absence of any effects of the products manufactured by Nikopharm, Ukraine,  please do the following:

  • call at +38 (095) 134-13-08 to Galina Protsenko, Nikopharm Qualified Person of Pharmacovigilance; or
  • send an email to; or
  • fill in a patient’s/doctor’s notification card on adverse reaction occurrence on our website.

Pharmacovigilance at Nikopharm constitutes an integral part of the Ukrainian pharmacovigilance system which was approved by the Decree of the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine No. 898 dated 27.12.2006 “On Approval of the Procedure of Control over Adverse Effect of the Drugs Approved for Medical Use” registered at the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on December 19, 2016 under No.  1649/29779 (MOH of Ukraine Decree dated 26.09.2016 No.996). Ukrainian legislation has been harmonized with the international standards, including EU Directives 2001/83 and EU Council Regulation 2309/93.

You are welcome to give any information about:

  • reactions which were not stipulated by the patient’s information leaflet;
  • absence of product’s expected therapeutic effect;
  • product overdose;
  • interaction with other medicines;
  • wrong prescription of the product;
  • unexpected therapeutic effect;
  • misuse of the product;
  • complaints about product’s quality;
  • any other information related to quality, safety and efficiency of Nikopharm products.

Information given will be absolutely confidential and will not be subject to its disclosure, unless required by law.

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